Our People

At Polytrade Sales and Services, Inc. we pride ourselves of having our people grow with the company. From the organization and operation of our first plant in Carmona, Cavite, we have seen our people grow to more responsible and higher levels of responsibilities within the company. As such, our people have a higher sense of ownership and commitment towards the company. And having grown in their positions, we have created industrial experts in the process.

Continuous trainings and seminars are attended by our technical, human resources, administrative and information technology staff to keep us abreast with the latest trends in the industry and to further hone manpower skills and capabilities.

As part of our total professionalization efforts, we have engaged management personnel from top food processing and manufacturing companies to be our operations, sales, marketing, communications, advertising and promotions officers. Team effort is very important in our organization, with the unified goal of delivering our company vision and mission to its full potential.

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