Corporate Mission

POLYTRADE SALES & SERVICES, INC., aims to penetrate the entire Philippines market and manufacture the highest quality ice conveniently available to the market in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The company’s marketing efforts are geared to meet the highest standards of industries that require and consume safe and potable ice.

To reach its ultimate purpose, POLYTRADE SALES & SERVICES, INC., provides its clients the following:

  • Excellent and personalized service, 24/7
  • Quality ice that meets the strictest standards for food safety
  • Service of professional and highly trained human resources
  • Highly and technologically equipped ice plants and delivery service
  • Efficient communication system within the company and with its clients
  • Well-researched market surveys
  • Strong and reliable logistics support
  • Outstanding after-sales service

Corporate Vision

POLYTRADE SALES & SERVICES, INC., aims to be recognized as one of the top manufacturers and distributors of purified ice, consistently bringing into play innovative technologies in its ice production efforts to ensure that its products are fit for safe human consumption and free from all microbial contaminations.

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