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These products are the highest quality and compliant to food safety that we are proud to provide

Purified Tube Ice

PSSI tube ice is manufactured with the same care in handling and food safety awareness as Pure Ice, in industrial volume and made available in sanitized crates.

Purified Crushed Ice

Used for ice-packing, toppings and product chilling, mostly for industrial purposes. Used as product emulsifier for hotdogs and processed meat, crushed ice is also used in volume by toll processing operators for the poultry industry, as well as the fishery industry.

Purified Block Ice

Before the advent of tube, cube and crushed ice, the block ice is the most basic raw material for ice applications. It can be used for products that require shaved ice and it may be converted to any size to suit the consumer’s chilling requirements.

Pure Ice Brand

3KG Tube Ice

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