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These products are the highest quality and compliant to food safety that we are proud to provide

Purified Tube Ice

PSSI tube ice is manufactured with the same care in handling and food safety awareness as Pure Ice, in industrial volume and made available in sanitized crates.

Purified Crushed Ice

Used for ice-packing, toppings and product chilling, mostly for industrial purposes. Used as product emulsifier for hotdogs and processed meat, crushed ice is also used in volume by toll processing operators for the poultry industry, as well as the fishery industry.

Purified Block Ice

Before the advent of tube, cube and crushed ice, the block ice is the most basic raw material for ice applications. It can be used for products that require shaved ice and it may be converted to any size to suit the consumer’s chilling requirements.

About Us

POLYTRADE SALES & SERVICES, INC., aims to be known as one of the top manufacturer and distributor of purified ice, consistently using innovative technologies in its ice production to ensure that its product is fit for human consumption and free from all microbial contamination.

What is the purified Ice?

Purified ice is ice made from water processed in the very same way that purified bottled water is produced. It is a very special ice that perks up the flavor of drinking water and chilled beverages and makes you actually experience the purity of your drink by giving it a clean, crisp taste.

How does Pure Ice packaging protect the product from contaminants?

Pure Ice is packed in special plastic bags with attached wire clips that ensure sealing is complete and no outside contaminants can permeate the packaged product. The wire clip also ensures that the plastic cannot be reused. Pure Ice products are also contained in exclusively provided freezers in grocery stores, convenience stores and food establishments to further ensure contaminant-free storage.

Why will buying Pure Ice be considered a smart choice?

Aside from the safety and purity assurance that you get when buying Pure Ice, one kilo of Pure Ice costs only half of the price you pay for one liter of purified bottled water, which is equivalent to one kilo of ice. A tube of Pure Ice approximately costs P 0.54. Study shows that an average of 3 to 4 pieces of tube ice are used in every glass of drinking water or soda. At the cost of P1.62, you can already enjoy drinking safe water or refreshments.

Where is Pure Ice available?

Pure Ice is available in groceries, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and other food establishments in key areas all over Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces.

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