Our History

Humble Beginning

In 1981, while Jocelyn G. Tamayo was still helping out with Tamayo Ice Delivery, a company owned and operated by her father, Mr. Cirilo Tamayo, she had a dream of instituting an innovation in the ice delivery service.

In 1986, after careful study and research of the requirements for crushed ice by food processing plants, she established her own company, POLYTRADE SALES & SERVICES, INC. Polytrade started with trading, buying ice blocks and selling crushed ice to several food processing firms. Her trade exponentially grew into bulk deliveries, paving the way for the need to manufacture the ice products herself. She then engaged a team of engineers who designed, developed and successfully operated a special ice-crushing machine that produced food-grade crushed ice in volume quantity. As such, she explored greater heights and opportunities in crushed ice delivery for clients in the industries of processed meats and poultry product preservation.

The only one of its kind in the Philippines, Polytrade Ice Crushing Technology uses all stainless steel equipment capable of crushing block ice at a speed of 600 kilograms per minute. The succeeding years saw Polytrade delivering bulk orders to clients from major poultry product corporations to big fishing companies.

The Cavite Plant

With the rising cost of block ice, which the company sources from another ice plant, and the trucking services, Ms. Tamayo launched a big venture to be able to efficiently supply her clients with ice at the most competitive price. In 2004, she procured from the USA three (3) units of top grade ice machines capable of producing seventy-five (75) tons a day of crushed and tube ice. On June 2005, with the assistance of American experts in the ice manufacturing business, Polytrade Sales & Services, Inc. opened its first ice plant, PSSI Plant 1, at No. 3 2nd St., Golden Mile Business Park, Barangay Maduya, Carmona, Cavite, to serve its clients in the South and North Luzon areas. A one-of-its-kind in the ice industry, the plant now boasts of the following features:

  • High technology in water filtration system to ensure safe and non-contaminated water for ice-making;
  • Efficient machines that manufacture and process thousands of kilograms of ice per hour;
  • Ice products packaged in sanitized plastic crates stored in a facility with a capacity of five thousand (5,000) crates;
  • Ice production areas that are well protected from pest infestations;
  • Footbaths and hand washing facilities provided to strictly control sanitation practices of workers;
  • Good manufacturing practices.

Currently, the Cavite plant is producing an output of 220 tons per day with the addition of equipment such as an automatic packing machine as well as improvements on the water filtration system with the employment of the Reverse Osmosis process and Ultra Violet Light Disinfection.

In 2009, Polytrade started investing in cutting-edge equipment which included four (4) brand new ice machines, a Japan-made crate washing facility and ice packing system. Polytrade felt the drive to be at par with the technologically advanced world.

Polytrade Carmona is SGS Certified

ISO 22000:2018

The Bulacan Plant

Not anticipating the size of the market, ice demand in the South area has quickly exhausted the Cavite plant’s capacity. This brought about the necessity for a branch in the North area to be launched, thus, the birth of the Bulacan Plant. In June 2006, the Bulacan Plant, located at Barangay Bagbaguin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, was inaugurated and started operations to supply the ice requirements of the North Manila area, Bulacan and Pampanga.

With better and improved technology in terms of facilities, the Bulacan Plant is now serving the needs of the nearby area with less freight, trucking and handling costs, as a consequence of its strategic location. Bulacan uses an all-stainless facility in its ice production. Just like in the Cavite plant, the ice making process here undergoes stringent quality control

The Bulacan plant now has a total production capacity of 260 tons of tube ice and 80 tons of block ice per day, giving it better production efficiency to serve an even bigger and broader market.

The Pampanga Plant

In August 2010, Kayabe Ice Plant, the biggest ice plant and cold storage facility in Mexico, Pampanga went up for sale. With the ever-expanding market need for ice products in the north and the existing potential of the plant, PSSI acquired the property with all its existing facilities, in no time. Sitting in a total land area of 17,238 square meters, the plant has the capacity to produce 250 tons of tube ice and 220 tons of block ice a day. It is also the only PSSI plant to offer cold storage facilities with refrigerated areas.

The San Pablo, Laguna Plant

In June 2015, Polytrade expanded in Region 4A to address the increasing demands of clients, thus the birth of San Pablo Ice plant. The plant has a capacity of 180tons of tube ice and 80 tons of block ice serving its clients in Batangas, Quezon and Laguna areas. Being its latest venture, PSSI improved further its system and the process of ice production to achieve total customer satisfaction.

The Veterans, Taguig Plant

Polytrade Veterans opened its doors in January 2014 to serve the growing demands in MUNPARLAS (Muntinlupa/Paranaque/Las Pinas) and Taguig areas. The ice plant with a capacity of 60 tons serves our industrial, commercial and our partner dealers in the area.

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